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  • Irakli Tsereteli

Poster | Can you name the rooms and objects in the House

Primary School | Tiger Time

Key features

  • Children will learn through different genres of stories and reading texts as well as engaging roleplays, songs and games, developing language skills in a well-balanced and integrated way.

  • Learning to Learn and Thinking Skills activities enable students to reflect and become better independent learners, as well as develop transferable skills for other areas of the curriculum.

  • Learners develop and reinforce grammar through the integrated Grrr is for Grammar sections, while songs and craft activities enable memorable in-context learning.

  • The extensive CLIL syllabus prepares students for cross-curriculum academic success in addition to building awareness about the world around them.

  • The home-school link, consisting of the Student’s Practice Kit, Progress Journal and Letters to Parents, takes learning beyond the classroom and encourages parents to participate in their child’s English education.

Download the poster from here

Download PDF • 4.06MB

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