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  • Irakli Tsereteli

Language Hub

Take the complexity out of teaching English

Language Hub is a 6-level general English course for adult learners which takes the complexity out of teaching English. At its core is a well-balanced skills syllabus with clear learning outcomes using a range of interesting topics, and a functional language strand presented through an entertaining video series. ​ All lessons in Language Hub are designed to build learners’ confidence in a variety of situations and producing them has never been easier. The Teacher’s Book makes lesson preparation intuitive using annotated ‘teach-off-the-page’ lessons supported by tips and ideas taken from the award-winning Macmillan Books for Teachers.

Key features:

  • Language Hub is easy to use in a variety of teaching situations due to its firm pedagogic foundation, and syllabus aligned to the revised CEFR.

  • Comprehensive video content includes engaging ‘sitcom’ series providing realistic models for learners’ own language production, and additional authentic video content from The Guardian offering further input for practice.

  • The Writing lessons in the Student’s Book help learners improve their communicative writing skills and cover a range of genres aligned to the topic in each unit of the course.

  • The Student’s App offers learners quick and flexible practice when and where they need it, and also provides exposure to target language for class preparation and consolidation.

  • The Teacher’s App has a simple-to-use Classroom Presentation Kit that helps to deliver truly engaging lessons.

Download PDF • 244KB

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