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Gateway Level B1 | Gateway to life skills: Reducing our ecological footprint

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Macmillan Education | Secondary

Praised for its clear and logical structure, Gateway 2nd Edition develops grammar, vocabulary and the four skills in a balanced way so that students can instantly use language in real-life communication. It offers a comprehensive and easy to implement approach to life skills training, enabling teenagers to thrive in the 21st century world. In addition, a thorough exam preparation programme improves students’ chances for better scores in school-leaving or international exams.

Key features

  • Practising teacher and best-selling author David Spencer, who works with teenagers every day, draws on his first-hand experience to provide practical solutions for motivating students and making teaching effective.

  • Life skills videos and tasks, covering topics such as Personal and Physical well-being, Citizenship or Social skills help to prepare teenagers for life outside the classroom.

  • The innovative Flipped Classroom videos, which students can watch before class, feature grammar presentations by the author, allowing teachers to find more time in the lessons to focus on real-life communication and add variety to their teaching.

  • Exam-style activities accompanied by the Exam Success tips provide numerous practice opportunities and ensure an in-depth understanding of the requirements.

  • The Gateway to Exams sections allow students to revise the exam techniques they have learnt and practise typical exam tasks, thus making them confident to take their exam successfully.

Download a lesson plan from here

Download PDF • 860KB

Gateway 2nd Edition Insights Index Report
Download PDF • 5.13MB

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